Energy Technology, EDP & Industrial NetworksConcepts in e-design

Go digital or go out of market.

While the Industrial Revolution 3.0 focuses on the further automation of production through the use of EDP and electronics, Digitization 4.0 is based on this and digitizes communication processes.

Machines and plants are networked, machine and operating data are recorded, stored and evaluated. Purpose: To avoid or eliminate errors and quality defects by digitally mapping the production process from start to finish. Company-wide and in dialogue with customers and suppliers.

Our range of services

Power engineering

  • Power supply with medium and low voltage
  • Emergency power engineering
  • UPS systems


EDP / Industrial networks

  • Central / decentral distribution structures
  • Fiber optic and copper cabling
  • Server / Central computer technology
  • Secure network separation according to function, availability, etc. requirements.


  • Future- and growth-oriented infrastructure
  • Individual planning
  • Everything from a single source
  • Fewer suppliers = fewer interfaces = clear responsibilities

Smart concepts for smart solutions

What demands do the market and technology place on your electrical infrastructure today and in the future? What is technically necessary and possible? How is your industry changing? What are the future competitive advantages? New electrical installations and conversions must be viewed holistically and with foresight. Because electricity is the blood of your company and therefore vital for survival.

In our concepts we determine actual status and bottlenecks and reveal the current need for extensions or innovations. We also take your future plans into account and develop a scenario of what you can and will face - from the provision of current data "24/7", to perfectly documented energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001, to the necessary reserves in the event of a blackout.

If your power supply is outdated and/or exhausted, we will adapt it to your growing requirements. With well thought-out solutions from high-voltage connections to transformer stations and low-voltage distribution boards up to 5000 A, we ensure personal, system and failure safety. At the same time, we expose power guzzlers and optimize your entire building management for the benefit of the environment.

If you are building a new building, we will be happy to supplement your object planning with a forward-looking electrotechnical architecture. This avoids annoying supplements, creates cost security and facilitates tenders. In addition, only those who make their electrotechnical infrastructure fit for the future in good times and in good time are a decisive step ahead of the competition in times of crisis.

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